Your car or TeleVision is broken? You saw somthing you want to buy, but your finance is limited at that moment?
Then, the Opportunity Finance card is applicable to solve your financial restriction.

The Opportunity Finance card facilitates you with easy and fast payment access without any restrictions at any affiliated business partners, and with flexibel payment installments arrangements.
We offer the Opportunity Finance card in four different credit limits:

Standard: credit Naƒ. 400,-
Silver   : credit Naƒ. 600,-
Silver   : credit Naƒ. 800,-
Gold    : credit Naƒ. 1000,-

The advantages and payment flexibility of the Opportunity Finance card makes it more attractive than any other financial services.


Registrated card holders name on card;

Accessible and easy payment at all affiliated businesses;

Request accessible credit via website, mobile app and/or telephone;

Credit is available and valid for up to 1 year on the card;

Card can be paid in a flexibel payment installments plan.


Lost my card, what to do?

In case of lost or stolen please call 820-0202. We will immidiately block your card for preventive measurements. For Naƒ 15,- A new card can be requested.

How can I submit an application?

To apply for a card is easy. You can apply online, at our sales representatives or at our office

Requirements for application:

· adult above 18 years
· resident of Curaçao
· valid ID; passport, resident ID or driving license
· 2 recent pay slips (last two proofs of monthly income)
· 1 invoice of Aqualectra, UTS or Flow to verify home address
· 2 recent bank statements
· employers statement
Fill in application form with personal information.

What is the amount to be paid in installments?

It varries per card limit, minimal payment starts from Naƒ 80,-.

What is the interest rate?

Interest rate at Opportunity Finance is 3%.

For how long is my credit available on my account?

After receiving and activating your Opportunity Finance card, your creadit will be for 1 year valid, unless you request a longer term of period.

How can I check my credit balance?

You can check your credit balance on our website, or via mobile app by submitting your email address and password. Password not received? Click on “password not received” and follow the instructions. You can also call 820-0202.

Where can I make use and pay with my Opportunity Finance Card?

Click on the link “affiliated business partners”. And check all affiliated companies.

How does the Opportunity Finance Card work?

To make payments with your Opportunity Finance card in affiliated companies you need to identify yourself with your official ID. After identification of the card holder, the purchase can be confirmed and a receipt shall be given.