In februari 2007 mister R.J. Trinidad, owner and general director of Opportunity Finance B.V., started an oriented research on usage and credit loan approvals on Curaçao.

Surprisingly he quickly learnes that, this service is linked with problems and high costs. And not to mention all the negative side effects on the development of Curaçao. This is the main reason he decided to do something innovative about it.

With these findings “credit loan approvals and can be more efficient and affordable” he started to build Opportunity Finance B.V.

After years of research, in June 2013 the implementation of Opportunity Finance B.V. business plan was ready, and became a fact.

Fortunately, Opportunity Finance B.V. consists of a multidisciplinary team to safe guard its value and to promote continuous growth of the company.

We are glad to have the support and partnership of the following persons:

Public officials:
Mr. R.J. Trinidad, general director and owner of Opportunity Finance B.V.

Mr. E. ter Haar, graphic designer of ETH Design
Mrs. J. v.d. Broek and Mr. A. Mulder, software developer of Loyalty Group

Opportunity Finance B.V carries the slogan: Giving You An Opportunity. Indicating that we will provide opportunities to propel the continuous growth and development of Curaçao and its citizens.

Opportunity Finance B.V. does not limit itself to only one central location. We work with strategic partners and representatives within your district and area.