Do you want to increase sales? In that case Opportunity Finance payment facility services can help you with the growth!

Payment in installments has never been so simple before.

Opportunity transactions provides easy access to monitor transactions approved via the Opportunity Finance online Card.

The software is compatible for windows PC, laptops, tablets and retail cash registers.

Our transaction software is based on modern and cutting edge technologies regarding online payments. Compatible with touch-screen monitors as well.

System works fast and reliable and adds extra value to your core business!

As an asociate business partner of Opportunity Finance a business and or personal account with login credentials is granted. Your credentials gives you access to valuable informations related to your affiliated company.

You can monitor and review your transactions sorted by day and time at your company.


Free software implementation and roll out

24 hours service

More clients, more revenue

Fraude investigation and credit risk

100% payment within 30 days guaranteed

Maintenance and update of equipment and application

Exposure: name and address of affiliated company
Exposure: affiliated company logo in any commercial folder

Free exposure on our website and mobile app

Personal account


Failure or malfunction in the opportunity Finance payment system. What now?

Call our service line at 820-0202 and let us help you solve the issue immidiately.

How can I become eligible to make use of the opportunity finance systems?

To become eligible for the payment system is easy.Send us an email at info@opportunity-finance.com  and we will contact you and provide you with all the necessary informations for your application as soon as possible.

How does the Opportunity Finance payment system work?

The Opportunity Finance payment application is compatible with cash registers, laptops an windows PC. Internet connection is required to be connected on your cash register or computer.

When can I expect my payment?

On a mothly basis Opportunity Finance B.V. pays out every affiliated company based on their transactions on their account in that month.

What is the aggregated value to my company for using the Opportunity Finance payment system?

More clients means gross revenue growth. Opportunity Finance aspires to promote and mention your company in each commercial and promotion campaign. This will eventually lead to more costumer traffic at your company. We will plan and organize promotional campaigns by including you and your company. For example, we will provide dicounts for our clients that make use of our Opportunity Finance card at your company. This and much more we can do by involving and consulting you for input in order to contribute to you companys continuous growth.

What will it cost me?

For only Naƒ 65,- per month (exc. O.B) we will guarantee you to benefit from the Opportunity Finance card services that we can offer.

I want my clients to pay with your card for a fixed limited period in my company. Is it possible?

We can arrange this sale campaign together with you, for a fixed amount of time or period. For example a sale campaign for the Opportunity Finance card holders for 1 month at your company exculsively. For more information regarding this service, please email us at info@opportunity-finance.com.